Saturday, December 29, 2007

Sweet Home Alabama

I arrived in Bama on Wednesday morning and it's been a great visit so far. In fact, I was having so much fun, lil' husband was jealous and drove all night last night to get here too! AND BUCK :) They are both snug in their beds....sleeping off their all-night hangover.

I've had such a great time here in Bama. My sister and brother's families are all here and it's been nothing but Wii, puppies and fun for three days :)

We added a member to our big family on Wednesday, presenting my mom with a miniature daschund for Christmas, who has now been named Max...Maximus...Maxi Baby....Lil' Guy. He's so cute and we're all VERY attached!! He's not quite sure what to think about his nephew Buck, but I'm sure by Tuesday they'll be best buds.

It's been a fun trip, but you don't realize just how calm your life is until you're surrounded by children ages 3, 6, 10 & 12. LOVE THEM TO DEATH, but I gotta get out more! :) If I'm ever going to be a mom....I need to increase my decibel resistance level for sure. And, add some of the virture that I lack....patience ;)

It's warmer here...not hot, but around mid-50s. It's a nice change, but it's wierd sweating in late December. I had forgotten what it was like. There was a Toronado Warning yesterday morning...I had also forgotten what those were like in the middle of winter. It passed us, but it was a little chaotic there for a minute...

We're driving home on Tuesday, so HAPPY NEW YEAR everyone...and we'll see you next year!!! :)

May 2007 go out with a bang, and 2008 be full of happiness and joy for you and yours!!!

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The Nelson Family said...

Happy New Year! I feel that 2008 will be a good one.