Saturday, December 22, 2007

Candle Wax & Tissue Paper.....Fire it up!

I just had to share my latest creations....
stamped candles!

I made these monogram candles for some of the ladies in my life. The longer I did it, the better they got. :)

Let me know if you like them.... Maybe you can place an order :)


parker said...

OHHHH! These candles are amazing!!
You wouldn't mind making one for your bestest, would ya? Black and white with lime green accents - to go in our guest bathroom (with the beautiful toile shower curtain from our apt in ATL you left for me when you married your happy hubby)

Your blog is awesome! You are sooooo creative - of course I've known that for 13 years!

Heather said...

ooh I like do I get my hands on one of those?!