Sunday, January 13, 2008

dixie darling designs...NOW OPEN FOR BUSINESS!

Today I completed my first order!! sets ordered by a friend of mine -- {thanks, Heather!! :)}

{and the crowd roars!!!!! ahhhhhh!!!!!}

She ordered 2 gift sets -- 1 monogram candle + 5 monogram notecards share details of my day.

Today I went to a FANTABULOUS store with Jenn, my fellow stamp addicted companion :) The store, the StampPeddler, received two hours of my precious Sunday afternoon as I purused every square inch of the store in Northville. Friends had mentioned this dream store to me in the past, but I have never had the opportunity to make it there. I WILL GO BACK!! And the next time I will hopefully learn new things about this stamping hobby of mine!! :)

I hope you'll keep visiting my blog....and please, don't be shy if you find your card supply low. dixie darling designs is OPEN FOR BUSINESS :)

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Coach Mike (aka Rusty) said...

You do great work, Krista. Thanks for your help with the baby shower. Hopefully the atta-girl I gave you during the shower turns into some business down the road.

Have you considered creating a Dixie Darling logo and stamping it with your URL on the back of your invites?