Saturday, December 15, 2007

Snowy Stampin' Saturday!

I sprained my ankle yesterday morning while trying to be healthy and walk my doggers! 1/4 mile in, I fell on all fours and twisted my ankle on the way down :( I had to walk back home with my injured ankle, but luckily...having a well-trained dog....I was able to let him go and go at my own pace. I scared my husband to death, waking him at 6:45 a.m.!! We went to the ER and found...that I had only sprained my left ankle and would be on crutches for a few days!

Anywhoo..... yesterday I sat...and sat...and sat some more :( Today, I was determined to be productive! So, I was :) I stamped for hours and had a great day. Here are a few of my creations!

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parker said...

I just LOVE these cards! I've saved every one I've gotten and people down here just adore them. I've even put last year's Christmas card up with the cards from this year "All my friends are flakes" said the snowman. HA HA HA! Love it.