Sunday, December 16, 2007

Men and Snowblowers!?!?

Recipe for a Happy Lil' Husband:
1 Sunday
7-8 inches of Snow
33 degrees

Mix all together and add gas-powered snowblower. Serve immediately for hours of enjoyment!!!
Today we got our first big snow! We currently have approximately 7-8 inches and it's just beautiful :) Of course, it's "beautiful" when you don't have to go anywhere. Lil' Husband is out snowblowing, his favorite. I just don't understand why men love to snowblow. It's cold, wet and house maintenance work, but it's gas-powered, so I guess that's the catch :) HA!

Buck just went out and came right back in....he had enough snow already. So now he's all curled up next to me...watching the local news go on and on about how bad the weather is.
My plans for the day.... Christmas movies! ELF is up first. "There are four basic food groups....Candy, Candy Canes, Sugar and Syrup!" HA HA HA! I smile just thinking about it. Afterall, "I love to smile...It's my FAVORITE!!" I'll turn on the fireplace and the Christmas tree....make some tea and snuggle up on the couch with my Buckarooski and a great holiday flick! Should be a great day :)

I'm so warm and fuzzy inside...I think I'll make some cookies. For the neighbors, of course! :)

Happy Snow Day!


Michael said...

That's a two stage snowthrower. Self propelled. Sweet! I wish I had one of those. I spent 3 hours outside working on our house. Blowing snow (with our 15 year old Snapper), shoveling, raking the roof, cleaning off the deck and hot tub. What's not to love?!?!?

Heather said...

Look at you ...joining the blogging it!