Saturday, March 5, 2011

Take 2!

Here we go.
This is my shot at sharing with you what goes on in my mind.
The scary part...
My mind is always going.
Most of the time about things I want or "need".
I pride myself in my ability to bargain shop.
I like to look at the big box retailers that are ever so popular that I like. "I can make that!" for a portion of the BIG TICKET price!
My poor husband...I'm always thinking about ways to change spaces in our home.
I like change.
And, I've learned that change doesn't always = $.
So, I hope to use this blog to share the changes in our space. Or - most of the time, how I would like it to change.
I love to blog surf and etsy-surf (is that a new term!!! ha!).
I'm constantly looking at that site and the ridiculous talent found there.
I'll share my favs of that here too!
So, maybe I'll gain some friends and readers here.
Maybe I'll just empty my mind here.
Either way...good for me :)
Check back often....I have A LOT to say! :)

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